About us

Xidoor is an offshoot of Berkvens Door Systems, a fully independent family-run business with almost a century of tradition. Xidoor´s head office is located in Someren and it has sales offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France and England. Other markets are served by trade partners and agents. Being family-run, the continuity of the company is always at the heart of the business.

We take care of our customers, people and the world around us. We do this thanks to our sustainable management and, of course, our main product as well. A door is not just a simple closing item. A door allows you to access a world of opportunities. Xidoor doors add functional, aesthetic and emotional value to your living and working spaces. We believe everybody should be able to enjoy the appearance, ambiance, protection, connection and security that our doors provide.

Production platforms Targeted innovation and a continuous strive for top quality
Our offering

No building or home is the same. Therefore, for each door or frame application, Xidoor offers a rich and varied range within its product and service portfolio. Produced by expert craftsmen at one of our production sites.


Doors are becoming more and more important. They define the atmosphere of an interior and fulfil a purpose. Doors offer access, closure, connection and protection. Emotionally, a door offers security and peace. If we look into the future, doors will become smarter and smarter. Doors identify, alert, scan and adjust themselves to their environment.

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