We make your door


Xidoor is an offshoot of Berkvens Door Systems, a fully independent family-run business with almost a century of tradition. Xidoor´s head office is located in Someren and it has sales offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France and England. Other markets are served by trade partners and agents. Being family-run, the continuity of the company is always at the heart of the business.

We take care of our customers, people and the world around us. We do this thanks to our sustainable management and, of course, our main product as well. A door is not just a simple closing item. A door allows you to access a world of opportunities. Xidoor doors add functional, aesthetic and emotional value to your living and working spaces. We believe everybody should be able to enjoy the appearance, ambiance, protection, connection and security that our doors provide.


Doors are becoming more and more important. They increasingly define the atmosphere of an interior, as well as being a key part of it. Doors offer access, closure, connection and protection. Emotionally, a door offers security and peace. If we look into the future, doors will become smarter and smarter. Doors identify, alert, scan and adjust themselves to their environment. People are aware of the importance of doors and the role that doors fulfil in creating a specific atmosphere in their interior spaces. The need for individualisation is becoming more and more important, doors need to perfectly match a sustainable lifestyle.


At Xidoor, we are committed to individualisation (finding the door that fits you), innovation (creating the door of the future), sustainability (circular), and convenience (select, buy and mount). Consumers can assemble a door that is perfectly tailored to their personal preferences and tastes. At our factories, we have designed and implemented smart work processes: craftsmanship in an industrial environment. We won’t stop until we have enabled everybody to enrich their living or working spaces with a door that fits him or her.

Xidoor commitment

We make your door.

WE: we work together, with each other and in co-creation with consumers and customers.

MAKE: craftsmanship is mastery.

YOUR: creation of a door that suits you.

DOOR: door, frame, furniture, hinges and locks.

Our values

Our values characterise who we are and what we believe.

Reliable: we take the customer, each other and ourselves seriously. We show ownership: we feel responsible for keeping our agreements.

Agile: as a company, we are able to respond quickly to the wishes of our customers and changing market conditions.

Cooperation: we treat each other with respect and work together in a personally. Each employee feels responsible for the customer.


Xidoor wants to contribute to a world in which everybody has a good life, within the natural limitations of our planet. Our Sustainability Policy serves, therefore, a as roadmap to realising this vision on sustainability: “to grow our company and brands, and at the same time detach our environmental footprint from our growth, and in this way increase our positive social impact”. This is only possible when we anchor it in the fibres and roots of our processes. Therefore, we do not only consider it as a project that has a start and an end, but as an ongoing process in which we strive to, at least, achieve CO2 neutrality.