The company dextüra (Deutsche Export Türen Agentur) was founded in 1972 and is a subsidiary of the Dutch door manufacturer Svedex. Dextüra focuses on Germany and the German-speaking countries. The dextüra programme is fully geared to the wishes and needs of the market. Not only from an architectural point of view, but also basing itself on trends in living and interior design.

Nowadays, dextüra is the white lacquer specialist, using the trademark Superlak® (EPC technology) for its lacquered doors. Over 500 models, doors and frames that can be combined in many ways and are available at specialised dealers. Dextüra is aware of the needs of its professional customers and, whether it concerns innovations, improvements in the collection, quality, service or delivery reliability; dextüra develops constant solutions that make the difference for its professional partners.

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Benzstraße 17
46395 Bocholt

T: +49 (0)28 71 234790
F: +49 (0)28 71 23479-10

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